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Citizen Science: NOW aims to explore potential futures in the broader engagement of citizens in Citizen Science (CS) and identify citizen competencies needed to achieve it.  Our findings will help us develop digital CS capacity-building resources for and with citizens.

Promoting Social Change with Built-Together Science

Citizen Science NOW is an Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership in Adult Education, co-funded by the European Commission for two years (2022-2023). The project brings together three universities, a Future Foresight Institute, and a globally-operating quality assurance body that focuses on acknowledging engagement and entrepreneurship in Higher Education based in four European countries. In its efforts to encourage broader citizen participation in Citizen Science (CS), the project is committed to sustainable CS development via digitalising adult CS training experiences and empowering adult citizens with essential CS competencies and skills in the partner regions.

Science-to-Business Marketing Research Center (S2B), Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany

University of Twente, The Netherlands

University of Barcelona, Spain

Bespoke Copenhagen, Denmark

Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and Engaged Universities (ACEEU), Germany


Co-design with academic and community partners a set of digital training that helps empower adult citizens for their broader and more impactful participation in science and research.


Contribute to the efforts in maximising the potential of collaborative innovation by providing network, content and tools to adult citizens to build capacity through digital means.


Publish a Future Foresight Report that informs about adult citizens’ competencies needed for Citizen Science (CS) and co-create a set of online capacity-building modules that will serve the CS participation necessities of citizens.

Project Results

Citizens will have a better awareness of Citizen Science (CS), including skills and competencies required to solve complex challenges in daily and professional life, and thus contribute to the impact of collaborative science and research. 

The report serves as a guideline to inspire and drive Citizen Science development at the EU and global level.

The digital training modules will be maintained as a blended adult learning resource for Higher Education Institutions (HEI), adult education organisations and citizens.

Desired Outputs

The project aims to create a systematic impact on Citizen Science (CS) by designing evidence-based guidelines, establishing local and regional CS structures, as well as developing and validating digital CS training modules for sustainable CS development in EU regions. Thus, strong leadership and collaboration at the local and regional levels are indispensable to achieving these goals:

  • Transferrable examples of best practice Citizen Science (CS) initiatives in the EU to inspire regional, international, and European actors on CS development from social media, websites and networks.
  • Educators verify the value and relevance of content by demonstrating its contribution to Citizen Science skills. In addition, educators should recommend the training materials to their circle and use them in their daily work.
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Good Practices
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Increased diversity and access of citizens in science in partner regions, through diverse roles they can take up with their improved competence and capacities


Develop effective networks to connect citizens, adult educators, and HEIs and promote sustainable CS development at the local and regional levels


Improve adult CS training experiences through digitalisation and transformation


Empower adult citizens with the fundamental competence and skills to grow personally and professionally in the partner regions

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